Tachal Beris Edit

Half Elf Summoner

- Background -

  -Learned the SansetsuKan from the head of the House guards Rebalis.

  -Learned magic by helping the House weapon crafter Telia.

  -Manifested the Summoner's gift at 19

- Family -

  -House Beris

-Third son of Losir, no prestige was expected.

-Father never talks about the mother of his sons. No more information..

    -2 older brothers (Hersch (Heir, military training), Kanna (Mage at Arcanum))

-doesn't know brothers very well as they were usually gone at their training.

    -minor house that was looking to raise it's stature

    -Were going to use Tachal's entry in the priesthood to gain power

- Events -

  -Someone interfered with the ritual summoning to become a priest which caused Tachal to become linked to another being as a dual-natured soul. The nature of that being is still largely unknown. Tachal was refused entry and afterword exiled by the Council, causing his house to lose face in the process.

  -Losir did not object to the exile of Tachal, or bring House resources to bear. He did not, however, remove from Tachal the right to the House name or rank, which could have regained face for the House.

- Personality -


    -family did not support

-Rebalis taught him to prepare for the worst


    -Telia showed that almost anything can be endured with a smile

  -Tends to annoy others with his bleak assessments

  -Prepared for things to go absolutely wrong at every turn

  -Craves recognition and a sense of belonging

  -Always has to have a map of the area

  - Current Stats -

  AC - 24 (28 w/mage armor)

  Flatfooted - 22 (26)

  Touch - 12 (16)   

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